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It was Dark and early we Carl and i arose from a very sleepless night, to prepare for our long and painful journey to the heart of Bangkok. We walked into Adelaide airport in a zombie like state and check in our bags. Then we moved on, to go through security and naturally my bag was flag to have something dangerous in it. I was taken off to the side and asked a lot of questions about what i may have in my bag. It was then searched and had all the contents removed. After 10 minutes of this i was aloud to continue on through with nothing being found, so i thought nothing of it...
Later after another security check and immigration in Melbourne international departs terminal, i was looking around inside my bag when i pulled out a pocket knife. Yes indeed, i had made it onto my Melbourne flight with a pocket knife and the entered the international terminal. My faith in Australian boarder security has taken a huge hit. After the pocket knife incident, a call came out over the loud speaker that our flight had been delayed by 4 and a half hours! We had just spend 5hrs in the airport only to be told we had to stay for another 4.5hrs. So due to this unforeseen event, we arrived in Bangkok at 3:50am Adelaide time and arrived at our accommodation at 5:30am Adelaide time. It was brutal!

Our first day in Bangkok consisted of walk the streets and getting scammed. Carl and I had a nice oriental breakfast in this little bar called the cool corner. From there we went out on the streets and ran into a government tourist helper.
It was very sus to start with, but it became apparent that he was the real deal. He sent us to a good travel agent to book our Chiang Mai part of the trip and then we got scammed but a tuk tuk driver. Note to self, never listen to a tuk tuk driver!! it wasn't all bad tho, we got to see bangkok from the water, and see how the less fortunate live, just for a very steep price.

As this was new years eve, Carl and I went out to get something to eat and drink from the cool corner. This lead us to talking to a Canadian bloke named Jeremy.P1000164.jpg As the night progressed more beer was drunk, until we headed of to a club to ring in the new year!

The next day:
"........................................uhhhh............................not feeling to crash hot!"

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